The Makeup Eraser - Review

I cannot put down into words how much I hate makeup wipes. Tugging, rubbing and smearing all that junk around your face is just a no from me! Plus they never actually get the job done as there is now glitter distributed across my whole damn face and panda eyes is not the look i was going for babes, nope. Keep your eyes peeled for a post of my favourite makeup remover prontoooo. But for now, lets talk about this magical funnel that is the absolute dreammmm.


Another post dedicated to false lashes because lashes are lifeeeeeeee. They just had that 'extra' fleekyness to the whole shot. And even though I still can't put a pair on in under 12.6 minutes they are definitely worth the outcome, when you are batting your eyelashes and taking those boomberags ####hashtag goals.

You have probably heard of 3D mink lashes, every instagram brand has released their own set and they are practically everywhere. I couldn't rave enough about these falsies I found a while ago on aliexpress. The quality is absolutely fabulous. They are very fluttery and feathery and they look exactly like they do on the picture (lol the internet can sometimes be deceiving). I literally can't tell the difference between the ones from aliexpress and some of my more expensive pairs. People always compliment them and ask me where they are from - soooooo below is the links of the ones I have bought!


NEW IN: MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters for Darker Skin Tones

Soooooooooo... MUA came and absolutely slayed my whole life and existence with their new highlighters! The creators of MUA decided to add 3 new highlighter to their existing glowy and shimmering highlighter collection. However, these have been catered for medium to dark skin tones as requested by a lot of their followers.
If you've read my previous blog posts you would know that 'Pink Shimmer' is one of my holy grails, having said that the colour is way to white-ish for me. So when I found out about these 3 new beauties, I definitely din't think twice about buying all three and of course reviewing them for y'all.

What's On My Face - Festive Look #4

Here I am again with another WOMF - these seem to be one of the most popular posts on my blog sooooooo this little 'series' is here to stay. I was inspired by Instagram (of course) to do a semi festive makeup look using the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette (review here). You know I love glitter cut-creases as they look very glam, & like always i paired it with a light cool toned nude lip. If you watched my instagram story you would know I also did green glitter lips but unfortunately those pictures didn't make the final shot lol!

NEW IN: Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Review*

If you read my post on 6 ways to up your makeup game you would know that I'm trying to implement more colour into my beauty routine other than the usual orangy browns and purples I alwayssssss do. When I opened my mail last week to the new limited edition FULL SPECTRUM EYESHADOW PALETTE* by Urban decay I was overwhelmed with excitement.

This palette features every colour of the rainbow with 21 shades of iconic eyeshadows. From super bold and bright colours to matte whites and darker shades to create the perfect ombre smoked out effect. The palette is arranged in trios of colours that work well together e.g. transition, lid and outer v shades. But you could always mix it up and create endless choice of options. 3 of the shades (Alchemy, Hatter and Metamorphosis) are from previous palettes while all the rest are bran new to UD.

Morphe Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette 35O - Review & Swatches

This is probably the most hyped of palette of the year. Every blogger, youtuber, mother, sister and aunty was talking about this beauty! I had such a hard time getting this palette - I'm not very good at purchasing products when they are on high demand. Its either i forget my log in or i put my card details wrong and then BOOM - OUT OF STOCK. One of my friends manage to get one for me and honestly, i think i cried happy happy happy tears. I have had mine for 7 months now and i just felt the need to review it because - it will alway be one of my holy grail products!